The Dellums Institute for Social Justice serves as an Inter-Generational Justice Hub to transmit the wisdom of generations and power up unity across justice issues.  Given today's pressing problems and our collective legacy, we are called upon to engage in the following work:

1) Advance Structural Change Solutions to address the nature and scale of the big problems.

2) Train Next Gen Leaders in Proven Social Justice Principles grounded in compassion + history + strategy.

3) Build Bigger Power via connecting environmental + economic + social + political justice.

4) Inter-Generational Justice Convening:  We seek to connect seasoned and newer activists across environmental, economic, social, cultural arts, and political justice issues to advance a broader human family platform.  The inaugural Advancing the Human Family Convening will occur Spring 2017 in DC.  The vision is an "unconference" model that enables people to connect across ages, issue areas, geography, and other prevalent divisions to create a broader and unified human justice agenda.  

5) Government Leaders for Social Justice:  Many established pipelines into government careers lack platforms to teach social justice ethics and practical problem-solving skills.  Through our partnerships with UC Berkeley and Howard University, we are training students in public policy, planning, public health, and social work to serve as effective social justice leaders.

We are calling upon millennials to take on writing new federal legislation to address the root problems threatening America's democracy--corrupting influences in campaign finance, outdated voting rights, and racist gerrymandering.  It's time for this generation to create their own Preserving America's Democracy Act and for elected leaders to sponsor their vision.   Yes, in today's climate this initiative is an utopian and long-road struggle, but so was ending the War in Vietnam or apartheid in South Africa when we first took on those moral imperatives.    Let's unite today and begin our journey together to restoring democracy in America!

Here's Ron Dellums's message to millennials to redefine democracy.


The Dellums Institute for Social Justice